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The analysis team of Natural Power has delivered comprehensive Energy Yield Analysis (EYA) studies across Irish developer Saorgus Energy Limited’s wind portfolio. Natural Power commenced work on Cordal Wind Farm in Country Kerry, Ireland in 2011.
The proposed 84MW wind farm is on complex forested terrain. When assessing the site, Natural Power applied Computational Fluid Dynamics software (VENTOS CFD) and methodology in order to accurately define the wind regime on the site and mitigate project risks for the client. The consultancy were also appointed by Saorgus to undertake EYA studies on the developers’ Dromadda More Wind Farm in Lyracrompane, in the North of County Kerry. The proposed turbine locations were on non-complex terrain and Wind Atlas Analysis and Application flow modelling software (WAsP) was used to predict wind speeds at the turbine locations, based on nearby mast data.
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