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MECAL has been appointed by Formosa Wind Power Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Swancor Industries Co. Ltd., to act as technical advisor for the Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm off the north-western coast of Taiwan.
The Formosa 1 project is one of 3 proposed demonstration projects backed by the Taiwanese government and will be completed in 2018. The wind farm which has IEC Class I designation and water depths of 10-30 meters will have up to 36 wind turbines generators (WTG) (depending upon on-going WTG tender outcome) and is to be constructed at a distance of 2-6 kilometres from shore. MECAL’s involvement focuses on WTG procurement including technology evaluations of the various proposed WTG models, WTG tender analysis, O&M cost modelling, financial modelling and negotiations with the shortlisted WTG supplier for both Supply and Service Agreements. It will also provide expertise and guidance on related commercial issues and logistics and BOP topics.
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