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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has signed a memorandum of understanding with SWAY, a renewable energy company, that has developed floating towers for wind turbines located in deep water.

SWAY has launched a 1/5 scale prototype of the technology off the coast of Norway on June 10 to demonstrate how the system could work in the Pacific Ocean. SWAY has developed a system to generate more offshore power by locating turbine towers deeper in the ocean, at depths from 60-400 meters. The turbines would sit on top of the floating, tethered tower. Lawrence Livermore has a long history in atmospheric sciences and scientists will provide their expertise in wind energy technology to help launch the project internationally, nationally and regionally. The Laboratory works on numerical weather prediction models to predict power generated by the wind, so that wind farms can operate more efficiently. Predictive time frames range from an hour ahead to days ahead of time. LLNL scientists plan to include ocean circulation and wake turbulent studies to determine the most suitable sites for offshore deep ocean wind farms.
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