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LiDAR buoy deployed off the coast of Italy to support development of two floating offshore wind farmsA floating buoy housing a Lidar and other sensors has been positioned in waters off the coast of Brindisi to conduct necessary surveys and preparations for the construction of the Kailia Energia and Lupiae Maris floating offshore wind farms.
The buoy was placed thanks to the collaboration between the companies that, in partnership, are promoting the construction of the two wind farms respectively : Renantis and BlueFloat Energy for Kailia Energia, and Gruppo Hope and Galileo for Lupiae Maris. Equipped with fully autonomous remote sensing devices, the buoy will remain inside the water for a minimum of 12 months to obtain detailed information on the characteristics of the stretch of sea where the floating platforms of the two wind farms will be located. More specifically, the buoy will collect data on wind, weather conditions, and wave motion in the water.