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The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), has engaged K2 Management to build a global installation database for offshore wind.
The objective is to provide NREL and thereby the US wind industry with easy accessible data on installation times, correlation effects, implications and processes to secure use of best practice and avoid delays and cost overrun on all the planned US offshore wind projects. To this date 62 offshore wind farms globally have been commissioned and 18 are in installation. Overall K2 Management staff has been directly involved in more than half of them. They will use a mix of public available data, anonymous internal project data and interview K2 Management staff to map real experienced time consumption and pitfalls in the various parts of these projects. The ambition is to get as much validated data as possible in the database, so they can service all main aspects and differentiate for example between jackets and monopoles. K2 Management has commenced the project and work is scheduled until mid-July 2014.
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