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Jan De Nul Group, in partnership with Hellenic Cables, has been awarded by TenneT the turnkey delivery of three HVAC offshore grid connection cables for the offshore wind farms to be developed in zones N-3.7 and N-3.8 in Germany.
These cables will connect the wind farms to the DolWin Kappa convertor station, from which HVDC cables will transfer the produced energy to shore. The turnkey contract, with delivery foreseen in 2026, consists of three 155 kV HVAC grid connection cables. A single cable is installed between zone N-3.7 and the DolWin Kappa convertor, covering a length of 16.5 km. The N-3.8 zone, on the other hand, will be connected to the convertor station by two cables, each with a length of approximately 10 km. Hellenic Cables will design and manufacture all cables, after which Jan De Nul will perform the transportation, laying, and protection works.
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