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Infigen Energy and Gamesa Wind US LLC have announced that they have settled all outstanding legal proceedings related to Gamesa-manufactured turbines purchased by Infigen.
Five of the US wind farm project companies (US project companies) in which Infigen holds Class B membership interests have each executed 15-year Warranty and Maintenance Agreements (WMA) with Gamesa for a fixed annual fee. Under the agreements, Gamesa will provide warranties, turbine maintenance services and replacement components for the turbines until June 14, 2028. They will be responsible for all turbine maintenance costs including labor, cost of all wind turbine component replacements, including blades (subject to agreed liability caps) for an annual fixed fee. Gamesa will provide turbine availability warranties and Gamesa will be entitled to certain performance payments if turbine availability exceeds prescribed levels. As a result of these arrangements, Infigen Asset Management will cease to provide turbine maintenance services to these five US Project Companies, but will continue to operate the wind farms and provide Balance of Plant service and maintenance.
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