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Through an open bidding carried out by the Province of La Rioja, IMPSA WIND, a business unit focused on the IMPSA Group's wind energy projects, was chosen to carry out the second phase of the wind farm located in the area known as Puerta de Arauco, about 20 km to the south of the city of Aimogasta.

The project includes the turnkey provision, operation and maintenance of the Arauco Wind Farm enlargement, from an installed base power of 2.1MW to an installed base power of 25.2MW. Besides, the project foresees a third phase that shall end up with 90MW. At present, the first phase of the wind farm provided by IMPSA, which includes one 2,1MW wind turbine, is under construction. The project, which will start operating in 2010, represents an investment of approximately 230 million pesos? from the Province. In the second phase of the Project, 11 new 2.1MW IMPSA IWP-83 wind generators will be added. These turbines will be built in the company's plants in Mendoza.
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