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Ramboll Finland will be responsible for Ilmatar Offshore's environmental impact assessment on offshore wind projects north of the Åland Islands. Ilmatar Offshore has selected Ramboll Finland as lead consultant for its environmental impact assessment report on the Stormskär and Väderskär project areas north of Åland, Finland.
These are both parts of the Norrhavet maritime area which have been specified in the Åland Maritime Spatial Plan as suitable for offshore wind power. The purpose of environmental impact assessment (EIA) is to reduce or prevent negative impacts from projects which may have significant effects on the environment due to their type, scale or location. The seabed surveys carried out by Ilmatar Offshore in autumn 2022 are a fundamental part of the EIA work. Ramboll Finland will start work on the EIA report right at the beginning of the new year. The open consultations and delineation processes will begin in spring 2023, with the goal being for Ilmatar Offshore’s EIA to reach completion in autumn 2024.
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