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Heavy lift installation vessel Svanen installing first monopile at Baltic Eafle offshore windIberdrola has installed all fifty monopiles for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm together with its partner Van Oord. The monopiles were made by the Rostock-based company EEW SPC.
Afterwards, they were transported floating from the port of Rostock to the Baltic Eagle offshore construction field. They were then positioned with the help of Van Oord’s heavy-lift installation vessel Svanen. The monopiles with a diameter of 8.75 to 9 metres and a length of between 75 and 90 metres were then driven into the seabed. The next step in the ongoing construction phase now involves the installation of the transition pieces. These were manufactured by the Spanish company Windar Renovables and temporarily stored in the port of Mukran. The installation of the wind farm's internal cabling by Van Oord is planned for the end of 2023. The 476MW offshore wind farm is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2024.
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