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Hydro Green Energy, LLC and the Wind Energy Systems Technology Group (W.E.S.T.) have agreed to explore the potential to develop the world's first hybrid offshore wind-hydrokinetic ocean current power projects.

If fully developed as envisioned, Hydro Green Energy and W.E.S.T. will utilize the Gulf of Mexico's wind and water currents to generate nearly 5,000MW of clean, renewable electricity. Hydro Green Energy, LLC is a renewable energy company based in Houston, TX that designs, builds, operates and sells hydrokinetic power systems that generate electricity exclusively from moving water without having to first construct dams, impoundments or conduits. W.E.S.T. in October 2005 signed a lease agreement with the General Land Office of Texas for its offshore wind projects, which are all located in State owned submerged lands and waters. To better secure its exploration agreement with W.E.S.T., Hydro Green Energy filed ten preliminary permit applications last week with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. If granted, the preliminary permits would allow Hydro Green Energy a three-year exclusive right to develop the hydrokinetic portion of the projects, which are all also in Texas waters.
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