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Greenpeace Energy and Gasunie have signed a cooperation treaty to constitute their partnership in the field of power-to-gas technology (Windgas). By transforming wind or solar power into Windgas this can be stored in the natural gas grid and retransformed to electric energy in natural gas power plants if needed.

Aim of the cooperation is the construction and operation of an electrolyzer by Greenpeace Energy and the feed in of the produced hydrogen in the transport system of Gasunie. In an electrolyzer electric energy is used to split water in its components oxygen and hydrogen. Subsequently the hydrogen will be feed in into the gas infrastructure. Here it is blended with natural gas. At this stage the gas infrastructure can easily absorb several percent of hydrogen. In 2013 Greenpeace Energy and Gasunie plan to put the infrastructure for production and feed in of hydrogen into operation in Northern Germany. Greenpeace Energy will supply its customers with Windgas. The produced hydrogen will be feed in and transported by Gasunie.
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