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Offshore Transmission Operator Transmission Capital Partners has contracted with Global Marine Systems Energy Ltd. to provide cable repair and maintenance services for the transmission link at the Ormonde offshore wind farm.

The cable maintenance agreement is designed to ensure that the transmission link is inspected and maintained properly over its service life. Key features of the agreement include:
  • A framework agreement for cable related incidents, such as repairs, surveys and re-burial activities.
  • The selection of Global Marine Energy as the preferred subsea cable repair contractor.
  • A 24/7 call out facility provided by Global Marine Energy for submarine cable fault location
  • The production of a set of agreed procedures to cover submarine cable related incidents at the Ormonde site.
As part of the agreement, Global Marine Energy will also create and manage a site-specific cable system database allowing appropriate parties to easily view and analyse data relevant to the transmission link maintenance over the life of the system.
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