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One year ago the last of the twelve turbines of alpha ventus was assembled, completing Germany's first offshore wind farm. Since the gradual commissioning of the turbines, the offshore test field has fed some 170 gigawatt hours of power into the national power grid and has already achieved an balanced EROEI (Energy Return on Energy Invested).

This project provides not only its operators EWE, E.ON and Vattenfall, but also the entire start-up offshore wind energy industry with fundamental experience in the construction and operation of additional offshore wind farms planned for the North and Baltic Seas. According to plans by the German Federal Government, 10,000MW of offshore wind power are to be installed by 2020. The initial findings of a comprehensive ecological research on the environmental impact of alpha ventus show that climate-friendly offshore wind farms with their fishing-free zones are as well quite nature-friendly. The foundation structures have developed into an artificial reef colonized by mussels, sea anemones, crustaceans and crabs. Further studies will show whether harbour porpoises will accept the wind farm as a natural habitat.