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MTS Systems Corporation has announced that it will collaborate with GE Power Conversion to supply a simulation system to RWTH Aachen University for its Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD).
RWTH Aachen University will use this equipment to study and design wind. RWTH Aachen University will integrate an MTS Non-Torque Loading (NTL) System and GE Prime Mover into its new 4MW Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD). Scheduled to come online in the fall of 2014, the system will be used to apply complex, real-world loads to full-scale onshore wind turbine drive trains. The CWD will leverage hybrid simulation, a technique that combines computer models with physical test systems. They will integrate a dynamic model of a wind turbine rotor system and virtual environment with an actual full-scale drive train coupled to an NTL system. Programmed simulations of wind events played out in the virtual model will direct the corresponding forces applied to the physical drive train.
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