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Gamesa Eólica has agreed five new contracts with the Italian companies Windpower Sud Srl, Enpower Srl and the Moncada Construzioni Srl Group for the supply of 136 wind turbines with 850kW of unitary power destined for various wind farms located on the island of Sicily. These 136 wind turbines, 126 of which correspond to the G58-850kW model and the remaining 10 to the G52-850kW model, together account for the installation of an overall output of 116MW. Of the 136 wind turbines, 44 are to be delivered to the Monte Petrasi wind farm, 28 to the Narbone wind farm, 21 to the Malvizzo wind farm, 33 to the Durrá wind farm and the remaining 10 wind turbines, which are to be supplied without towers, to the Monte Mele wind farm, all located in Agrigento, on the Italian island of Sicily. These new contracts, which record a value in excess of € 76 million, include the supply of the wind turbines, their installation and commissioning, and also their operation and maintenance. Assembly work is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2005.
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