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Gamesa Eólica continues to pursue its business involving the sale of wind turbines in China. The company has entered into two new contracts with two firms for the supply of 40 wind turbines corresponding to the Gamesa G52-850 kW model, which will mean the installation of a total power output of 34MW. Out of the total number of these wind turbines, 32 are to be delivered to the Changdao wind farm, owned by the firm HNEEP-CLP Changdao Wind Power Co., Ltd, and will be located in the province of Shandong, in the east of the country. The remaining eight wind turbines will complete what constitutes the second phase of the Fujian Putian Nanridao wind farm, pertaining to the firm Fujian Putian Nanridao Houshanzai Wind Power Co., Ltd. The beginning of assembly work on both installations is scheduled for the last quarter of 2005. These contracts, which in financial terms amount to a figure exceeding €20 million, include the supply of wind turbines without towers, overseeing their installation and commissioning.
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