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Gaia-Wind has announced the inauguration of its first wind turbine in the United Kingdom. On the Myres Hill test site, just south of Glasgow, Gaia-Wind has installed an 11 kW wind turbine with a lattice tower.

The turbine is now fully operational and given the good wind conditions on Myres Hill, the turbine will produce over 40.000 kWh (units) of green electricity per year. The turbine is grid connected and will export all the electricity it produces back to the grid. The Gaia-Wind turbine has been designed to complement moderate wind conditions and incorporates a large rotor which is responsive even in light winds. This operational profile makes the turbine especially suitable for the moderate wind speeds which are the prevailing wind conditions in the mainland of the United Kingdom.? Although over 100 Gaia-Wind 11 kW's have been installed in Denmark for, on average, almost 10 years, it was only after the company had been taken over by private investors from the United kingdom at the end of last year, that the company started its international expansion. The UK marketing and sales is managed from Gaia-Wind's Glasgow offices, from where also further development programs are managed.
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