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Principle Power, Inc. (Principle Power) and Energias de Portugal (EDP) have announced the successful offshore deployment of a full-scale 2MW WindFloat off the coast of Aguçadoura, Portugal.

This installation is the result of continued work by all WindPlus JV partners including: EDP, Principle Power, A. Silva Matos (ASM), Vestas Wind Systems A/S, InovCapital, and Fundo de Apoio à Inovação (FAI). In addition over 60 other European vendors participated. Following pre-commissioning of the system onshore at the Lisnave facility near Setubal, Portugal, the WindFloat was loaded-out using a dry-dock and towed offshore. The offshore tow consisted of some 350km in open Atlantic waters. Over the next few weeks a rigorous commissioning, testing and startup procedure will be completed. This will include trial operations and a phased ramp-up in power production to full capacity.
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