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Germany now has its first offshore wind turbine. Nordex AG installed its N90/2500 offshore some 500 metres off the quay wall of the Rostock international port.

The project was planned by WIND-projekt GmbH. In autumn 2005, the sheet-pile wall for the base was established at a water depth of around 2 metres. The support on which the turbine stands has a diameter of 18 metres. A total of 550 tonnes of sand, 500 tonnes of cement and 100 tonnes of steel were used for the base. With a height of 125 metres, the turbine was erected on two pontoons with an area of 1,750 and 900 square metres respectively. The next step will be to construct the ‘Baltic 1’ offshore wind farm off the peninsular of Darss. Also being planned by WIND-projekt, it will have a capacity of approximately 54MW and partially comprise Nordex turbines.
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