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The Red Wind joint venture with the Russian wind energy company NovaWind came into being under the management of Lagerwey, and began installation of the second subproject. 84 L100 LP2/2.5MW wind turbines are being installed for the 210MW wind farm situated in the Kochubeyevsky district in the Stawropol region of North Caucasus.
Essential components of the Lagerwey turbines for this wind farm, including the generator, are being manufactured by Enercon production partners in Germany and delivered to Russia. Due to the local content requirements that exist in Russia, Red Wind will produce the components for future subprojects in a new factory in Volgodonsk on the basis of a licensing agreement. Enercon is currently providing support in localising production in Russia.
NovaWind is the wind energy division of the Russian energy corporation Rosatom. NovaWind set up the Red Wind joint venture with Lagerwey at the end of 2017 for the expansion of wind energy in Russia. Since it acquired Lagerwey at the start of 2018, the joint venture now belongs to Enercon.
The cooperation agreed for Red Wind amounts to 1GW/388 wind turbines that are to be installed at different locations in a total of four projects. The first wind farm to come out of this cooperation has already been connected to the grid: a total of 60 L100/2.5MW turbines were installed in the 150MW Adygea project.
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