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With the help of a Terex CC 9800 ENERCON GmbH recently erected three E-126 wind turbines in Naumburg-Stößen (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany). With a rated power of 7.5MW, ENERCON E-126 wind turbines are some of the most powerful in the world, and their components have the size to match.

One of the most important challenges during the project was to lift the fully-assembled 350-tonne nacelle to a height of 138 meters in a single lift in order to save time. The CC 9800 features a special configuration option for erecting wind turbines with outputs over 6MW.  With a 138 meter main boom and an 18 meter extension, the crane is able to reach a lifting capacity of 360 tonnes and a hook height of 154 meters. The longest available SWSL combination, in fact, consists of a 108-meter main boom with a 120-meter luffing jib, resulting in a maximum hook height of over 222 meters.
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