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DNV GL has submitted the project certificate for the German offshore wind farm Meerwind Süd|Ost to WindMW, responsible for the development, construction and operation of the project. Meerwind Süd|Ost is a 288MW offshore wind farm, located 23 kilometers offshore from the island of Helgoland.

WindMW is the first full certified German offshore wind farm. DNV GL supported the technical pioneering work that was necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project. This included the foundation of the monopile wind turbine structures, the connection of the monopiles and transition pieces and the synchronisation of 80 different current flows by the transformer station on the offshore platform. By establishing an early conversation with the constructor as the foundations were laid DNV GL experts were able to guarantee an efficient development leading to performance optimised wind farm operation. During connection of the monopiles and transition pieces DNV GL provided independent evidence that even lower temperatures, bigger wave heights and stronger wind speeds than argued before would enable construction, something that had not been achieved previously. Overall this insight reduced the construction and installation time needed and kept the project within budget. Finally, DNV GL brought together expertise from different areas within the business, including Energy, Oil & Gas and Maritime, to evaluate pressure lines, electrical and safety systems to enable the best possible solution for WindMW, in order to secure the synchronisation of current flows by the transformer station under offshore weather conditions.

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