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Concept design of Namsung Shippings Crew Transfer VesselDNV has been appointed by Elenergy, a Korean renewable energy development company, as owner’s engineer for its 1.5GW fixed-bottom Chujin offshore wind project. 
As the owner’s engineer, DNV will drive the pre- Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and supervise contractors in the final design, procurement, construction, commissioning and operations phases to mitigate risks and prepare optimal solutions for the building stages of the project. The wind farm will be located 10 km east of Chuja-do in Jeju City in southern Jeonam province, South Korea and will consist of approximately 100 wind turbines. This project is backed by strategic investor Namsung Shipping, a South Korea-based shipping carrier. The Chujin wind farm will be constructed in three stages, consisting of 500MW for Phase I and an additional 1 GW for Phases II & III.
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