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Digital twin of wind turbine RD Test SystemsA new research project named “DIGIT-BENCH” (DIGItal Twin for large-scale test BENCHes for the wind industry) aims to develop a framework for the digitalisation of large-scale test benches.
The project is funded by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), a Danish public support program that grants aid to the development and demonstration of new energy technologies.
The framework of the project is based on the digital twin paradigm meaning that the framework lives upon a digital replica of both the test bench and the device under test (DUT). The goal is to enable the test bench operator to perform test rehearsal virtually, replace some physical experiments with virtual experiments. The project will also enable hybrid testing, where downscaled technology or stand-alone components are tested while the remaining components are digitally coupled into the systems. The DIGIT-BENCH solution aims to improve the time-to-market of larger wind turbines by reducing the testing time.
DIGIT-BENCH framework will be jointly developed by R&D Test Systems A/S, the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Aarhus University and demonstrated on the HALT test bench of LORC. Vestas will be a part of the project advisory board. The project had a kickoff in March 2023 and will run for the next three years.
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