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COWI has just landed a contract to design India's first offshore wind farm and to head capacity building within the Indian authorities, which includes preparation of an offshore-wind policy. The project is backed by the European Commission.

The wind farm is to be located off the coast of Gujarat in north-western India. The size of the demonstration project has not yet been finally determined, but they are planning to design a farm generating somewhere in the range of 50MW. In addition to planning and design, COWI will assist the Indian authorities in preparing a policy for the offshore wind sector. Among other things, the policy is to lay out the size of subsidies, electricity costs, connection to the power grid etc. COWI will also help the authorities build an offshore-wind knowledge bank. COWI will contribute with consultancy and engineering competencies in planning and design, which will include electrical design, conceptual design of the foundation based on geotechnical studies and metocean analyses, as well as layout of the wind farm. The planning phase will take three and a half years. After that, the project is to be put out to tender and the new policy implemented. The project is expected to be completed in 2019.

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