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Corio Generation has announced its plans for offshore wind in Brazil, with five projects totalling more than 5 GW in early-stage development.
Corio intends to develop five projects in Brazil, subject to finalisation of documentation and regulatory approvals, alongside Brazilian power generation company Servtec. Corio and Servtec are aiming to apply for leases for the five fixed-bottom projects in the country’s north-eastern, south-eastern and southern maritime areas, ranging from about 500 MW to over 1.2 GW in installed capacity. The five Brazilian offshore wind projects are:
  • Costa Nordeste Offshore, North-east coast of Brazil, 1200+ MW
  • Vitoria Offshore, South-east coast of Brazil, 495+ MW
  • Guarita Offshore, South coast of Brazil, 1200+ MW
  • Cassino Offshore, South coast of Brazil, 1200+ MW
  • Rio Grande Offshore, South coast of Brazil, 1170+ MW
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