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The bidding consortium headed by the Portuguese Energy Company Galp Energia and represented by the holding Ventinveste is amongst the selected final bidding candidates for the government tender in Portugal.

The consortium is composed of the companies GALP, Grupo Enersis, Martifer, REpower Portugal and REpower Systems AG as well as EFACEC, a manufacturer of electric components. The total capacity of the tender for 1,500MW was divided into two lots. Concerning the second lot (400-500MW capacity), Ventinveste is leading with 69.7 points, which is more than 9 points ahead of the consortium Novas Energias Ibéricas (amongst others consisting of Iberdrola and Gamesa) coming in second and more than 13 points ahead of the aspirant Ventonorte who comes third. The consortium Ventinveste is therefore currently the most promising candidate. The final decision is expected to be made in the mid or at the end of April.
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