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Catch the Wind Ltd. has announced that the Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan) has completed its final performance testing of a prototype of the Company's Vindicator laser wind sensor (LWS).

The Phase II test results demonstrated that the Vindicator LWS was able to successfully control the wind turbine rotor direction in alignment with the oncoming wind for increased energy output. Phase I test results were reported on October 21, 2008. Yaw control, which involves aligning a turbine's blades perpendicular to the oncoming wind, has traditionally been a reactive process using weather vane-like instruments that are located to sense the wind after it has passed through the rotor blades. Catch the Wind's laser wind sensor, which determines wind speed and direction as it approaches the turbine rotor, makes it possible to proactively position a turbine for optimal alignment. Improving yaw control alignment is a key requirement of the wind energy industry as it results in reduced stress loads and improved energy production output.
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