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From mid-July, a custom-made hybrid system comprising two high-performance battery types will store excess electricity generated at a community wind farm in Braderup, Germany.

Bosch will supply the project with a compound battery made up of lithium-ion and vanadium redox flow components, along with the complete system controls. This compound battery will store electrical energy when power grids on the windy coast are overloaded and cannot transport any more electricity. The storage facility, which is to be situated on former farmland, has a total output of 2,325 kilowatts and a total capacity of 3,000 kilowatt hours. Bosch is responsible for developing the control electronics, system integration, and testing different operating variants in Braderup. This includes marketing the batteries in the frequency regulation market, taking part of the energy and using it for the wind farm's own consumption, trading on the electricity exchange, and stabilising the power grid.

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