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AW Hawaii Wind LLC (AWH), a member of the Alpha Wind Energy (AWE) group of companies has an ambition to and an interest in developing offshore wind energy projects sited in close proximity to the Hawaiian Islands.

AWH has submitted two lease requests: the Oahu South Project and the Oahu Northwest Project. Each project proposes an offshore wind facility with a capacity of 408MW of renewable energy generated by 51 floating 8MW wind turbines. The energy generated by the projects would be transmitted to Oahu by undersea cable. The Oahu South Project is proposed to be located approximately 17 miles south of Diamond Head in water depths of approximately 300 ‐ 700 meters. The Oahu Northwest Project is proposed to be located 12 miles northwest of Kaena Point in water depths of approximately 700 ‐ 1,000 meters. A BOEM Hawaii Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force meeting will be scheduled in the near future to discuss the lease requests.

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