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On 28th of November Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) has signed an agreement with Siemens Wind Power for the delivery of the SWT2.3-93 wind turbine for the prototype-project of the ATS hybrid tower on the testfield of WINDTEST Grevenbroich in Germany.

The installation of the tower and the wind turbine will be in September 2008. The project will be owned by ATS and the project developer is Juwi. ATS has developed a hybrid tower of which the lower part is vertically divided into segments made of precast concrete. The tower concept offers the opportunity for increasing the hub height above 100m without having transport problems. The hub height of the turbine with the ATS hybrid tower will be 133 meters. This results in an energy production increase of 20% in comparison to the standard 100 meter hub height. Although the larger hub height means a bigger tower and foundation, this extra investment will be paid back within 4 years.
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