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American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) has announced that it has received more than US$ 3 million in orders for its wind turbine core electrical components and systems from two AMSC Windtec customers; China's CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute (CSRZELRI) and Canada's AAER, Inc.

ZELRI purchased a license in January 2007 for AMSC Windtec's 1.65MW WT1650 wind turbine design. AMSC received its initial order from ZELRI for electrical systems for 10 wind turbines in September 2007. ZELRI has now placed an order for electrical systems for 20 additional wind turbines. AAER Inc. recently ordered 10 electrical systems from AMSC for its first 1.5MW wind turbines. AAER Inc. plans to begin manufacturing these turbines in 2008. In October 2007, AAER purchased licenses from AMSC for AMSC Windtec's WT-2000sg, a proprietary 2MW wind turbine. AAER plans to manufacture, sell and commission those wind turbines in Canada, the United States, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom.
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