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American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) has announced that it has received its first order for a D-VAR system in China.

Beijing SNTA Electric Power Technique Company, Ltd. (SNTA), which has ordered the 16 MegaVAR D-VAR system, is AMSC's first channel partner for the Chinese power grid market.? SNTA will install the D-VAR system in the 220kV Xijiao substation, which is located in Chifeng and is operated by North East Power Grid (NEPG). The Xijiao substation is connected to seven wind farms that produce a combined 600MW. The China Electric Power Research Institute, which is a part of China's State Grid Corporation and is responsible for transmission engineering, has determined that additional voltage support is required at the Chifeng Xijiao substation to maintain reliable operation of the power grid served by this substation and enable secure transmission of wind-generated electricity to load centers.
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