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Westermost Rough Ltd (WMR), a wholly owned subsidiary of DONG Energy A/S (50%), the UK Green Investment Bank plc (25%) and Marubeni Corporation (25%) have announced that it has signed an agreement for the sale of its transmission assets to TC Westermost Rough OFTO Limited. 

TC Westermost Rough OFTO Limited is the licensee entity incorporated by the consortium comprised of Transmission Capital Partners Limited Partnership and International Public Partnerships Limited. The transmission assets hold an asset value of GBP 157 million. The assets include the onshore substation, export cables and the offshore substation. The Westermost Rough offshore wind farm is located in the UK North Sea, approximately 8 kilometres off the East coast of Yorkshire near Withernsea, Yorkshire. The offshore construction began in 2014. In August 2014, the first turbine was erected and first power was generated in September 2014. Full power output was achieved in May 2015. The farm’s 35 Siemens 6MW wind turbines have a capacity of 210MW.

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