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ABB has been selected to deliver its Asset Health Center performance management software solution to the Inner Mongolia Electric Power Research Institute (IMEPRI). Since 1965, IMPC has provided electricity generation, transmission and distribution services to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. IMPC’s requirement to ensure reliable delivery of power to the 24 million people in its province is becoming increasingly important with growing consumption needs and the boost in renewable energy sources.

As part of this mission, IMEPRI provides technical support and manages several power technology labs that focus on areas like on and offline testing, regulatory compliance and fault monitoring, and other critical issues. IMEPRI is installing ABB’s Asset Health Center at its Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) lab that will initially focus on ensuring the reliable operation of extra high voltage (EHV) and HV transformers in the electric network. As part of the contract ABB will collaborate with IMPC on areas like back-end data integration, testing, training and warranty support.

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