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3TIER has announced that Southwest Windpower and Better Generation will use 3TIER’s renewable energy information services platform to educate customers on their on-site small wind energy potential.?

The platform enables both companies to integrate accurate, scientifically derived global wind resource data from 3TIER directly into tools that will help residential and small business customers to evaluate a potential investment in small wind. Dealers of Southwest Windpower will have access to various online tools that tap into 3TIER’s global wind resource dataset to instantly forecast location-specific energy production of the company’s? Skystream 3.7 small wind turbine. The integrated offering is made possible by 3TIER’s renewable energy information services platform, using both a Web interface and an application programming interface (API) to access 3TIER’s global wind dataset at different hub heights recommended for the turbine.

UK-based Better Generation directly integrate 3TIER resource data into its Power Predictor product.? Power Predictor is a device that enables residential and small business customers to collect on-site wind and solar data, and along with software, helps them select the suitable technology and products based on observed readings.? 3TIER wind and solar resource data will be integrated directly into the software via 3TIER’s API, and the data will enable customers to benchmark their measurements against long-term resource data.
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