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3TIER has announced a contract with IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, to develop and release a 2 km wind map for Bolivia.

When it is completed later this year, the Bolivia wind map will be available for public view online and will identify the locations, availability and accessibility of the country's wind resources. The contract has been initiated as part of an ongoing partnership between IFC and Transportadora de Electricidad S.A. (TDE), Bolivia's largest electricity transmission company and a recipient of IFC financing. Under its corporate social responsibility program, TDE, a subsidiary of the Spanish grid operator Red Electrica de España, is exploring the development of renewable energy resources to supply off-grid electricity and other energy services to isolated rural communities in the footprint of its high voltage transmission lines throughout Bolivia. At present, there are no commercial wind projects in Bolivia. IFC's contract with 3TIER to produce a national wind map is expected to help stimulate future development of wind power projects.
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