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WindSim has introduced Wind Atlas and Power Line Optimisation technologies resulting in up to 60% enhancement in wind plant transmission tie-line capacities. Power Line provides a CFD based three-dimensional flow model for the transmission line area transferring the measurements from the local weather stations along the transmission line onto the whole length of the transmission line, providing an end-to-end high fidelity monitoring solution.

Knowing the wind speed and direction at every span, extreme wind conditions can be detected or the conductor thermal capacity can be calculated very precisely and the capacity of the line can be increased through Dynamic Line Rating. The dynamic line rating modelling and simulations can expand over hundreds of line-miles. The new Wind Atlas solution enables performing wind mapping over large areas as big as regions or countries by combining several WindSim projects into one simulation. WindSim has been working together with researchers at the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to develop this new dynamic line rating methodology, which combines wind speed and wind direction as calculated by WindSim's CFD software with the cooling calculations done by INL's DLR methodology.

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