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Photo 1 Hydrauvision workshop 2Allspeeds has designed, built and supplied Webtool steel wire emergency cutters to Hydrauvision, for a noise mitigation system (NMS) deployed during offshore wind monopile installation. 
The NMS consists of a screen with a ballast box which can be lowered to and hoisted from the seabed by 14 hydraulic winches, mounted on individual support frames installed around the pile gripper system. Each support frame includes a Webtool™ cutter installed alongside the winch. During normal use, the wire rope from each winch passes through a cutter without making contact. In the event the monopile becomes unbalanced, the 14 cutters can be activated remotely, simultaneously cutting the wire ropes and releasing the NMS screen. 
The NMS is being deployed by Deme’s HLV Orion. The vessel is equipped with a 5,000-tonne crane and a motion-compensated pile gripper system which are used to install monopiles for offshore wind projects.
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