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UpWind’s O&M services now include a line of parts called the LifeXSeries that each have a longer component life, ultimately helping to extend the life of an asset. The first three parts in the series include: FilterMag, Air Filter Upgrade, and Cable Clamp System.

FilterMag is a magnetic oil filtration technology that extends a gearbox life by reducing wear caused by ferrous particles, improves reliability, and lowers maintenance costs. The Air Filter Upgrade (Suitable for Gamesa G8X/G90 Turbines) is designed to offer superior air quality and a more robust construction preventing collapse, extending the life of the filters, inverter and nacelle. The Cable Clamp System (Suitable for GE 1.5 Turbines) optimizes efficiency, reduces power loss due to cable overheat, and increases cable life by reducing rubbing. The 3 piece system is made up of the modular and circular designed cable clamp, shell protection to protect cables from rubbing against the deck, and hinged series strip to secure cables through the Waterfall.

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