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The paint manufacturer Teknos has introduced the repair coating Teknoblade Repair 9000. Teknoblade Repair 9000 is an elastomer-based high solid coating with 100% proportion of solids. It can be sprayed and manually applied and forms a protective elastic layer with a thickness of up to 5 millimetres.
The product can be used as a preventive edge protection on new rotor blades as well as used for rotor blade repair. While in conventional repair paint systems usually a three-coat system with primer, filling and topcoat is required, the new paint is capable of repairing damaged edges in one single coating. Teknoblade Repair 9000 can be processed at temperatures between minus 20 and plus 70 degrees. The impact resistance has been subjected to a rain drop test by independent Danish engineering company AeroNordic in accordance with DNVGL-RP-0171. The Teknoblade Repair coating withstood the defined exposure at 130 m/s speed for 10 hours.
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