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Speedcast has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed for onshore and offshore customers designed to simplify connectivity, provisioning, and device management through a single console.
The Speedcast IoT Center is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase computing power and interoperability with a variety of customer applications required by IoT solutions.
The Speedcast IoT Center is a configurable IoT platform that allows customers to select several connectivity options tailored to their needs. Customers can choose from cellular, satellite, and low-power wireless options.  Once devices are deployed, Speedcast IoT Center monitors the health and status of all key elements of the IoT ecosystem, including the devices, the communications network, the IoT platform, and the end user application.  IoT Center is protocol-agnostic and able to ingest real-time data from any device, then applying cloud-based translation and normalisation of device data.
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