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Site secured for Floating Power Plants wind and wave systemA contract has been signed to progress the deployment of the first full-scale hybrid floating wind and wave platform, at the PLOCAN test facilities off the coast of the Canary Islands.
The agreement, which secures the area within the PLOCAN test site, was signed by the technology developer Floating Power Plant (FPP) and the PLOCAN-site at Gran Canaria. The contract enables FPP to deploy their platform in a designated area to the north of the PLOCAN Test Site and allows for grid connection through a new subsea cable. Combining resources, the technology itself also provides an opportunity to exploit new resource areas within the Canary Islands, distributing generation capacity and reducing the visual impact of the planned offshore wind developments. The platform will be able to generate over 5MW of power from the wind turbine and wave energy converters.
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