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Siemens Energy has launched a new direct drive gearless wind turbine for low to moderate wind speeds. The core feature of the new SWT-2.3-113 wind turbine is a drive concept with a compact permanent magnet generator.

With a capacity of 2.3MW and a rotor diameter of 113 meters the new wind turbine is designed to maximize power production at sites with low to moderate wind speeds. The SWT-2.3-113 is fitted with the new Siemens B55 Quantum Blades. The B55 Quantum Blade used for the wind turbine is 55 meters long and features a redesigned tip and root section. The root section uses Siemens “flatback“ profiles to minimize root leakage and provide greater lift. The blade tip has also been redesigned to minimize loads and reduce noise levels. A prototype of the new machine was installed in the Netherlands in March.
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