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RNRG-SP-logger lowresRenewable NRG Systems (RNRG)chas launched a new data logger. The SymphoniePRO is a low-power, industrial-grade data logging system that is specifically designed for conducting resource assessments for the renewable energy industry.

Each of the 26 channels’ statistical values are calculated from continuous 1-second data samples and averaged over a user-selectable interval (10-minute default). Collected data are stored efficiently as binary *.RLD files on internal Flash memory with a redundant copy on an external SD card, if installed. Data are communicated and the system is powered via Symphonie iPackGPS communications devices, which only require a firmware upgrade for compatibility with the new data logger. In addition to SMTP email data delivery, SymphoniePRO allows remote, real-time connection capability over RNRG’s MetLink protocol for tasks like automated or manual data download, firmware upgrades, live data viewing, or configuration changes. Also included is the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application, a new PC software package used to process raw data files as well as configure and communicate with the SymphoniePRO logger and iPack. . SymphoniePRO Desktop Application keeps track of site data and produces versatile tab-delimited text files (ASCII) compatible with industry-leading software. Additionally, the software allows the user to view “live” data, apply firmware updates to loggers and iPacks, and preview data files in time series format.

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