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Pontis has joined a consortium which develops an integrated roof wind energy system. This is a sustainable energy generation system capturing the wind that collides with a building.

Dutch company Ibis Power was specially established by the inventors to bring the invention to market. IRWES has received a Horizon 2020 grant from the EU and is now full swing operational in realizing the first pilot project in the Netherlands within the next three months. The Integrated Roof Wind Energy System (IRWES) uses the wind colliding with a high building. The wind is “caught” and guided through the a narrowing channel into a turbine. The throttling creates a wind speed (the so-called Venturi effect), thus increasing the efficiency. Thanks to the acceleration of the turbine is a weak breeze already usable. The consortium now has the necessary funding and a considerable number of start-up projects in its portfolio. During these projects in the Netherlands, the concept will be further developed and fully prepared for deployment to the European market.

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