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Norvento new nED100 modelNorvento has unveiled a new model of its nED100 turbine. With the re-engineered unit  they introduce a number of innovations that will simultaneously increase the efficiency of the machine and reduce its upfront and long-term generation costs. It has a smaller and more compact drive permanent magnet generator, a redesigned nacelle and a more efficient 12 metre blade design.

The company is now using a more traditional nacelle design and a proven direct drive layout, whereby the generator is placed immediately behind the rotor, with a smaller shaft. In addition, the optional new 12-metre blade design, optimised for Class III low wind conditions, eliminates the extenders that were deployed on the previous 24-metre rotor model and is lighter and more aerodynamic, increasing efficiency by 3%. The new design of the nacelle cover and mechanical structure of the pitch actuator makes the entire structure lighter and creates space at the back of the nacelle for maintenance operations. Access to the nacelle is now located within the tower, which reduces risk for technicians and allows for O&M to be carried out during higher wind speeds. In a similar vein, the two control cabinets in the nacelle have been unified to simplify service operations. The new nED100 model will be ready to order from May 4 with the first deliveries arriving in Q4 2016.

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