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Senvion SE has launched a new turbine for its 3.XM series. The new Senvion 3.2M122 turbine features the NES (Next Electrical System) that was recently developed by Senvion. The additional output increase to 3.2MW will enable Senvion customers to rise yield by 2–3% per year compared to a 3.0M122.

The Senvion 3.2M122 has a rated output of 3.2MW and a rotor diameter of 122 metres and a hub height of 139 metres. Featuring the Senvion Next Electrical System (NES), comprising a fully rated converter and an asynchronous generator, the turbine meets the rising requirements of grid operators in the various markets. The NES constitutes a further development of the previous system on the basis of the DFIG (Doubly Fed Induction Generator) and generates high yields with its sustainable design while lowering the levelized cost of electricity.

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