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Natural Power have announced the successful long-term trial of a product development activity within the company named SeaZephIR - a patented autonomous floating platform with integrated lidar system and renewable power supply capable of providing accurate wind data offshore.

The system allows wind project developers to begin onsite measurement campaigns before traditional fixed structures could be constructed. SeaZephIR is designed with a stable spar buoy and continuous wave lidar, tailored to the anticipated deployment sea states to maximise stability. The buoy also measures motion, wave heights and is equipped with a meteorological mast and Class 1 cup anemometer. The first commercial sale has already been agreed with Garden State Offshore Energy (GSOE), a joint venture between Deepwater Wind and PSEG. The first prototype SeaZephIR  has successfully completed several months of marine testing, correlations to a fixed mast and a ‘twin ZephIR’ campaign where two ZephIR lidars were correlated – one onshore and one offshore.
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